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The medical home program is focused on delivering coordinated and integrated care to maximize health outcomes for your employees, while at the same time saving your company money. As part of the medical home program, your employees will have access to primary care doctors and specialists in the Goshen Health network, including the Center for Cancer Care and Heart & Vascular Center.

Shared savings program

Like the wellness and employer clinic programs, the medical home program is completely customizable. We will work with your company to tailor a program that meets your needs with the goal of reducing your overall healthcare costs. The medical home program works with your self-insured plan. As part of the program, we share a portion of the risk.

Depending on the customized medical home program, your employees could experience no copay for primary care visits and reduced copay for specialty and urgent care visits.

Sharing risk

Typically, 20 percent of a company’s employees drive 80 percent of the company’s healthcare costs. We help identify these high-risk individuals, as well as others that could one day become high risk, and work on improving their health condition to low or no risk. We accomplish this through screenings, coaching, health and wellness challenges, newsletters and ongoing education. We are committed to reducing your company’s healthcare costs, which starts by identifying and reducing the health and wellness risks in your company.

Goshen Health has offered the Medical Home Plan and the Get Fit Get Healthy Program to its employees. By doing so, the health system has been able to keep the cost of health care level for four years in a row – with no increases.