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Get Fit Get Healthy

Our worksite wellness program provides personalized wellness plans for each of your employees because we know that one size doesn’t fit all. Through convenient worksite screenings we assess the health status and needs of each and every person. The highly skilled team at your disposal will consist of registered nurses, lifestyle coaches, registered dietitians and personal fitness trainers.

Personal health assessments

A personal health assessment forms the foundation of any wellness program. Our health risk assessment involves demographic factors such as lifestyle factors and medical history. Other physiological factors taken into consideration include height, weight, blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Based on the health assessment, we recommend and outline specific action plans focused on improving overall health, thereby reducing or preventing the need for expensive, urgent and specialized care.

One-on-one follow-up

Personal health assessments don’t result in healthy and productive employees unless they stick to an action plan. We provide a confidential one-on-one onsite meeting to review the results from their health assessments, to ensure that your employees are taking steps in the right direction towards improving their overall health. It’s human nature to either resist lifestyle changes or fall back into bad habits over time. That’s why discussing and understanding their numbers becomes such a critical component of a comprehensive wellness program. Get Fit Get Healthy clinicians provide the much needed support to your employees.

Ongoing coaching

Our commitment to the health of your employees doesn’t stop with personal health assessments and action plans, our program includes ongoing coaching to provide motivation, education and training. Our team of registered nurses, certified lifestyle coaches, registered dietitians and personal fitness trainers are dedicated and onsite with your employees every step of the way to help your company achieve increased productivity and reduced healthcare costs. In addition, Get Fit Get Healthy includes onsite educations, Wellness Councils, Wellness Committee support and health challenges.