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Wellness Program solutions provide personalized wellness plans based on a comprehensive health assessment for each of your clients’ employees.

Keeping employees healthy reduces lost work time and decreased productivity due to illness, along with preventing future health-related costs to treat illnesses that could have been prevented or entirely avoided.

The health assessment involves demographic factors such as age and sex, lifestyle factors such as smoking, alcohol consumption, diet and exercise, and personal medical history. Other physiological factors taken into consideration include height, weight, blood pressure and cholesterol level.

Action plans

Based on the results, we recommend and outline specific action plans focused on improving overall health, thereby reducing or preventing the need for expensive urgent and specialized care. Supporting employee compliance we provide confidential one-on-one follow-up to ensure that employees are following their action plans and taking steps in the right direction towards improving their overall health. It’s human nature to either resist lifestyle changes or fall back into bad habits over time, that’s why follow-up becomes such a critical component of a comprehensive wellness program that delivers positive results for your clients. As a result, some of our clients have reported 95% employee participation in the wellness program that directly resulted in health care savings.

Our commitment to the health of your clients’ employees and company financial health doesn’t stop with personal health and action plans, our program includes ongoing coaching to provide all the necessary motivation and training to ensure compliance. Our team of registered nurses certified lifestyle coaches, registered dietitians, and personal fitness trainers walk with members every step of the way to help the company achieve increased productivity and reduced health care costs. In addition, the Worksite Wellness program includes on-site education, wellness councils, incentive programs and rewards, newsletters, fun health and wellness challenges, and on-going education.