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The clinic enables improved access to the appropriate level of primary care at the right time to control and prevent further health-related complications that could end up costing your business more money.

The employer clinic works by providing benefits to your company. The clinic offers immunizations to keep employees healthy and on the job during the flu season. Common occupational medicine, inclusive of acute and preventative medicine, are covered in the clinic. We also provide pre-employment physicals, DOT testing, and drug and alcohol testing.

On-site/mobile clinic

The employer clinic available to employees and their families is completely flexible and can be tailored to your company needs. One option involves an on-site clinic that can perform these services at a lower cost than you are probably paying. And the convenient hours of the clinic result in less time away from work. Another option is the mobile clinic. The mobile clinic would visit your facility or facilities on specified days and times, providing the same level of medical expertise as the on-site clinic. Whether on-site or mobile, the clinic provides convenient access to low-cost prescriptions and lab tests, saving your business money.

Physicians and staff

Both the on-site and mobile clinics are staffed by physicians, nurse practitioners, registered nurses and medical assistants. These individuals are fully trained and highly experienced in primary, urgent, and occupational healthcare. They can assess the health conditions and needs of your employees, consult with them on their issues, and prepare a healthcare plan. In addition, your employees and their families benefit from access to primary care physicians and a broad range of specialists in the Goshen Health family, or coordinate care with their existing primary care provider (PCP)

Acute healthcare

In addition to primary, urgent and occupational healthcare, the employer clinic provides acute healthcare to individuals requiring short-term treatment for a severe injury or illness as well as additional care while recovering from surgery. Our medical team works closely with these individuals to get them back to work and leading an active lifestyle as quickly as possible. Acute healthcare also includes testing for conditions such as flu, strep, mononucleosis, pregnancy and minor procedures such as lacerations that involve placement and removal of sutures.