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Our Business Health Advantage program has helped one client keep the cost of healthcare level for four years in a row – with no increases. And, we’ve helped companies show a positive ROI in the first two years. See what others have to say about Business Health Advantage.

"GFGH has been wonderful to work with over the years. With patience we have seen our wellness program grow from a few participants to a program where our employees look forward to Kaylin coming in. They truly value her expertise and information. "

Joe Williams - Wieland Designs

"Once I started Overall Wellness, I play with the children more often, I volunteer in the community, I was a youth leader for girls which I always wanted to do. "

- Taide Galvez

"Ancon Construction has worked with GFGH for seven years. We have seen a remarkable change in our employee’s health habits including less smoking, eating healthy lunches instead of fast food, drinking water instead of pop, and working out after work. These better health habits have enabled us to keep our insurance costs under control and we have not increased our employees’ paycheck deduction for seven years. I would highly recommend GFGH to any company looking to improve their employee’s health, retain employees, and to lower their health care costs. "

John Place – Ancon Construction

By having the service, employees see primary healthcare physicians at their own time. It's free for the employee, there is no cost. They simply walk into the clinic and make an appointment. Its all online and the employees love it. And quite frankly each school district has had at least one life saved through the clinic.

- Dr. Jeff Stephens